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Hi, I am Eswar Reddy - UI / UX from Hyderabad, India. Here, I design, develop and deliver stylish, clean and creative websites. I want to work closely with you as a web designer to “Give a colorful life to your website”, "Take your Design online", "Get your colorful message across", and "Make your website alive for you"

I have worked 6 years as a web designer for several web design and development companies and managed to combine my passion and long term relationship with technology and art, serving exceptional results.

I’m a complete stickler for new web technology and web standards, clean/efficient code, and modern design with life.

"I am not freelance designer, This site is a place to attempt new technologies and improve myself. Design is my life and I am passionate about it "

I am here from India to help my customers make the most out of all the possibilities provided by the new Internet media. I follow the latest trends in web designing and am constantly in search of wisdom.

My websites are designed with great ambitions. I am fervent to create websites that are not only fresh and eye-catchy but, for the most part, practical and user-friendly.

I have started my career as a Graduate in Fine Arts in the year 2004. I got the chance to work with esteemed Organisations as a web designer. Since then, I am fortunate to be allied with all the technological updates and new trends in the arena of web design and development. Currently I am updating my proficiency on Web3 generation of web sites.

I can work efficiently and effectively fast on Adobe's; Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Indesign and Flash.

I have extensive knowledge of W3C compliant structural XHTML code; CSS2 based dynamic content positioning, cross-browser compatibility concepts and search engine optimization methodologies as well as good understanding of ASP/PHP, AJAX, DHTML, and Javascript.


Your passion stimulates my passion. Internet motivates me!! My Vision is to leave solid and permanent traces of my web design & programming work in the internet. I want to make websites easy to navigate, notice and to recognize. That's why I am engaged in my clients' projects as much as they are.

Everyone has some sort of passion that drives them in one way or another. Without passion there would be no brilliant ideas, no dedication to hard work or the effort to break limitations. The beauty of my web design passion is in its duality: it is contagious and full of mutual relations. It is all about visualization of your aspirations. I appreciate direct communication.


Usability is the key feature in many aspects of my web design profession. The Term "Usability", in relation to web design and development, means creating ergonomic user-friendly interfaces and functionality.

I do not afford to waste your precious business time with non-optimal and tiresome web design solutions. Knowing that, I work in a way that put your needs in the center of the whole process. Continuous improvement in Usability, in response to the ever-changing needs of internet users is the key to success. If internet visitors do not feel comfortable on your website, they have millions of others to choose from. The less time the visitors spend on your web page is the key. Your catchy website should get their attention to know your company better, familiarize themselves with your products and become acquainted with your services. As a result, your brand will definitely be remembered.

Web standards

Web standards help to ensure that every internet user has access to information available in the net. They contribute to the web design and development and aid to make it more comfortable and friendly.

Many of the web sites would not function at all without the wide-spread compliance with the standards. A simplified definition of website standards is that the focus is on separating the structure of documents (the content) from its visual presentation (the layout). This provides great possibilities for future development of the web towards its full potential. The World Wide web Consortium (W3C) creates specifications that are recommendations to be applied to particular internet technologies. These recommendations are what I call web standards and what I support.

Work process

Web design and development process guarantees delivering the highest quality and cost effective results every time.

1. Understanding your Vision.
2. Understanding Web site goal & audience.
3. Planning your Web site layout and navigation.
4. Creating and refining your unique Web site design.
5. Developing unique codes and scripts.
6. Testing your Web site in multiple environments.

"Your wish is my soul
Your satisfaction is my goal"

Web design / Flash

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website design
website graphic design
website redesign
web site development
website promotion
search engine optimization
Blogs Customization
browser testing
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Graphic design Logos, Media & Graphics

logo designs
corporate identity
Product brochures
news letters
PDF templates
promotional materials
letter heads
business cards
web campaigns
3D development (Modeling)
Mobile wire frame designs

Contemporary Abstract Artist

Abstract Art
Wood cut
Pen Drawings
Egg tempara

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  • SEO
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