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I am contemporary abstract artist from Hyderabad. I like exploring the unusual aspects of the human nature using a surreal twist. Most of my abstract oil paintings on canvas represents a social responsibility and inclination to environment with a touch of feminism as a part of me.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is defined as art that has no reference to any figurative reality. Understanding abstract art is how we approach abstract painting, though most of the abstract painting I paint have a specific meaning which I fail to put them in words and hence they tend to speak a different story each time you glare at them, though they are real forms in simplified way yet keeps allusion of the original subject. With a constant flow of inspiration and creative energy around me.

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Oil, Acrylic and mixed media

Dry pastels

Dry Pastels

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Concept Art

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Graphics (Etching)

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Wood Cut

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Maya Modeling

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My photography

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